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SINCE 2019

Where It All Began

An Industry on the Rocks

Almost ten years after launching D9 Brewing Company, the founders grew disheartened by a recurring trend: breweries achieving so much success that they eventually had to shut down. Talented individuals and exceptional brands were fading away. In 2019, the founders came up with a plan to address the craft beverage industry’s issues, such as intricate distribution, overwhelmed small businesses, heightened competition and the requirement for improved cooperation among industry stakeholders.

Building a Beverage Nirvana

We are forging a path to Beverage Nirvana by uniting brand owners, wholesalers, retailers and co-packers in a powerful ecosystem. Our mission is to create a harmonious and thriving craft beverage industry where collaboration and innovation flourish. By connecting the key players in the beverage world, we empower brands to reach their full potential, streamline distribution and provide consumers with exceptional products.


Founder Of Our Company

Meet our Founder – Andrew Durstewitz, a brewery owner and tech-savvy entrepreneur with a proven track record of growing and expanding businesses. When he witnessed the unique challenges that emerged as the beer and beverage industries advanced, he became resolute in his mission to discover a solution. Andrew is committed to empowering small, independent creators to thrive and prosper without compromising the very passion and creativity that set them apart and make them extraordinary.

“I firmly believe that just as other industries have successfully consolidated and harnessed the power of new tools and technologies, we are poised to do the same for the beverage industry. Think about what Amazon achieved for small, independent manufacturers, offering them a vast platform to showcase their products. Consider how cloud technology revolutionized small tech companies by alleviating the burdens of data centers. We’re on a similar path, but our focus is on the beverage industry. 

– Andrew Durstewitz, Founder & CEO

Local Passion, Delivered Globally

What the World is Saying

Bevana Partners is a completely new way of doing business in the craft beverage market. Building on years of craft beer and technology experience, our team has built a platform that, not surprisingly, has some people talking. Hear what they have to say!

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